Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Soon, I will become a Mrs. Klint.. yes, I will be married to him on 12th January 2010... But first, I must get ready for a pre-wed party held by my family. It will be on the 9, three days before...

Have nothing to tell, since i'm so damn tired and if i tell you why, it'll be too long...

but, don't worry.. i'll tell you the detail..

after the ceremony of course ^^

"Newlyweds become oldyweds, and oldyweds are the reasons that families work."

My Life, My Way
Imelda "imei" Suharsono

Monday, December 7, 2009

6 Nov (three years ago)

me: opin da ampe rmh? imei mo nanya ar :) sbnrnya status hub kt skrng kyk gmn? n opin sbnrnya pgn kyk gmn?

(at that time, we'd had around 3 months of dating. He had told me how he wanted to be my boyfriend and stuff like that, buat I told him I would consider it. But, I thought 3months of dating and got to know him is enough. To be honest, i was getting tired of waiting for him to ask me again. So, i had to ask him)

him: ini opin br ja msk kamar... Td cuci muka sikat gigi.. hehe.. status? waduh.. opin jg ga tau r.. semuanya kan tergantung ime.. n_n lho? bukannya opin masi nunggu jawaban dr ime?? hari itu ime bilang ime butuh waktu.. si bo? ime bo ntn 24 yo? td mam capcai mahal bo? 32tb 2org? enak bo? yg gandi tuh lbh enak lor..

(he was crazy about 24, a serial.. and earlier that night we had some dinner and jln Wahidin, where we met a sick and drunken guy, but that's another story..)

me: Lho? kok jd tergantung imei? jd opin ms nunggu ampe skrng? ga gitu mhl lar.. brarti st org.. 16rb gt lar ho.. buatan mom lbh enak lar.. hehehe..

(yes, my mom do make a delicious capcay...)

him: iya seh.. kalo tar opin nanya lg tar sepertinya ane menekan ar..pdhl ime da blg butuh wkt.. makanya ga berani nanya liao lor.. ^^ lauta tiba2 nelpon r.. ime gie apain? ada buka tv? masak seh? berarti mom pande masak donk.. ane song ho tiap ari mam enak..

(in this part, I felt a very sincere feeling from him.. Not only he was very considerate, he was also very sweet ^^lauta is a friend of ours.. and they liked to dragged me out of my house from time to time to hang out with them. But I know the main purpose was to get me closer to him ^^ )

me: hehe.. ga brani.. jd skrng opin maunya kyk gmn? imei lg bc godhand.. opin ler? ada bk tv tp dikuasain cc.. hehe..

him: iya ga berani ar.. tar kan takut kl asik nanya terus tar ime merasa tertekan sedangkan ime masi butuh wkt.. right? ^^ kl memang ime da bs kasi jawaban. disini dah siap untuk mendengarnya.. hehe lbh tepatnya membacanya hihi.. opin baca ulat sutra yg td ar ime.. bsk u ntn 24 bo?

(again with the 24?? but it's very funny when he said he was ready to read it.. haha...)

me: mang opin ms harapin imei jd pacar opin? hehe.. liat bsk lho.. soalnya hr sls itnb da ujian semester liau lho..

(yes, i do study for my tests!! altough maybe for 10minutes only)

him: opin masi memimpikan ime utk jd pacar opin.. would you make it come true? ^^ tar wkt ntn 24 ingat dgr detail percakapannya biar ngerti n ga bingung..

(what's with this guy and 24?????)

me: okay :) iya lar.. kl prl ntar imei catat dialognya dr awal ampe akhir,sklian dihapal.. dasar..

(being sarcastis.. So not a good girl, but i had to do it)

him: HA?? did you just said ok? for real? ime my girl?

(my girl?? before, i would consider this kind of cheesy. But, I didn't, i thought it's sweet ^^ )

me: iya.. I'm your girl now.. hehe :)

him: sori lama gw sempat terbengong.. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.. jantungan gw.. i dont know what to say.. opin ampe check beneran ga ni no hp ime.. jgn2 lauta ganti2 no hp ime lg.. pdhl td rencananya ai telp ganggu ime bobo e ar.. tp kok tiba2 jd bengong begini.. opin glad banget ar ime.. ^^

(he and lauta had this kind of weird game.. They would borrow each others phone, and then change the number of the girl the like with their number, of course without others knowing. And then, they would text the other as if it was from the girl.. But if the victim call the number, they would never pick up the phone.. And so he was afraid that it's not really me, but lauta playing this game again...
I didn't have the chance to reply him. He called me.. After a kind of weird and awkward conversation from him, and ended with a word that he wanted to said, but he didn't, we hung up)

him: imei thanks for being my girl.. i can't wait to wake up and knowing you're truly mine..

me: ur welcome :) and thanx jg atas kesabaran opin uda ks imei wkt buat mikir.. hehe.. gud mornite.. cuit dream

(gud mornite was our word for "gud morning and nite" because of all the text in the middle of the night going to be morning ^^)

him: I love you

"Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love"

My Life, My Way
Imelda "imei" Suharsono

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I want to be honest.

I'm scared.

It's like 2 months to go.

And I'm really scared.

Help me?


*deg deg

I want this to end

like SOON.

"Fear is the highest fence"

My Life, My Way
Imelda "imei" Suharsono

Sunday, November 8, 2009


I don't have any idea what's wrong with my body these days. It seems like my energy is being suck out of my soul. And can't tell how many times have i yawn in this one day. *hoaaaam!!

Went to help out a friend yesterday. Mona, works at this magazine and was having this photo session with some models. She needed some help with the make-up. So why not??

After that, lunch with Maggie. We went to this place I love. The food is very Indonesian.

There's a place in Indonesia called Makasar. And all of the foods above comes from there. We had Coto Makasar, Konro Bakar, and Es Pisang Ijo. Konro is the Makasar language for "ribs". It's very delicious and full of spices.

Anyway, been through a lot lately. Have a lot of thoughts also. One of them is about "POWER". According to my dictionary, POWER is strength, force, or energy. It can also mean authority or control. Now, I'm thinking about getting that strength, energy, authority, whatever you call it, but I WANT it. But how?
As far as I'm concerned, it's not easy to get one. As the matter of fact, while some people are having it, they tend to use it in the wrong way. Just look at all the powerful people in the world. Hitler, Osama bin Laden, and some of the terrorists, they have the power, but they don't use it wisely. But how and from where can they get all the power they have? I think i got the answer.


Yes, money. As they say, money can buy everything. Even happiness. I've learnt that, with money, you can control just about everything, even other's need and want. For example, you and your friends are about to get some dinner. But you are the one who pay for it. So who get to decide the place and what to eat?? Of course the one who has what?? Money.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I want to have the money so that I'll be able to control everyone else. I'm just being realistic. I just want to be able to have the authority to get the things that I want, to decide what the things that I need. I don't want others to tell and control me just because they are the one who have the money. If it's my money, then hopefully, they'll let me decide.
You can't decide what you want to do if the power is not yours.

For now, I'll just gonna eat all the madness inside, and make a promise to myself. I will have the money. After that, I will buy all the things that you have, and the things that you only dream of having. And soon, I will have the power, not to control people, but to control myself and not being controlled.

"Nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide"

My Life, My Way
Imelda "imei" Suharsono

Friday, November 6, 2009

The Newbie..

I've been wondering.. Is it too late? And will I have the time to even take care of this new baby of mine? But then, who cares? Again, it's about My Life, My Way, and It's All About ME! ^^ And I will try my best to update what i can and allowed to update, whenever it will be.

I've seen all the cute and cool blog around and make a promise to myself to design a blog that suits my style. If only i know how, like, now!! haha... Just a lil' bit info about me....

This is how i look like (kinda, I've been gaining weight lately T-T) As you can see I had my nose pierced. It was done directly after I graduated from highschool as symbol of freedom and revelation of who I really am.

My Big Baby.. Rovin Klint. My childhood enemy. I used to hate him so much, and so did he. We first met when we were studying together at this private course near my house and his. One day, he acted stupid and put a cockroach in my shoe. I was scared to death!! I decided to throw my shoe at him. The next thing I know was he's trying to punch me. Luckily, my mom come to the rescue. Since then, I haven't met him until, one day around 2006, he found me, and the story goes........

My friends, the best ones. We met as highschool gi
rls. Been through a lot with them. From left to right the upper side we have Catherine Ilona, Sri Juita a.k.a Seju, Stephany. And lower side we have me, Lisa, and Maggie. P.s: Love ya girl ^^

My passion in life: FOOD!!

Most people just eat for living and don't appreciate them. But i treat them as one of my babies. I live to eat!!

By the way, I love quotes. So I'll end every session with the quote that I love.

"The world is full of cactus, but we don't have to sit on it"

My Life, My Way
Imelda "imei" Suharsono